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  2. As of now: 125: McHenry appears to have the spot, although watching him, he doesn't appear to be 100% healthy, and injury defaulted to eighth place at Vegas this past week. 133: Ragusin appears solid. Semifinal match against McGee was much closer than the match during the pandemic a few years ago. 141: In spite of getting stuck in the quarters, Cole Mattin looking solid, and always comes to compete. 149: Lamer overall looking solid against top competition despite losses to Parco and Arrington. 157: Lewan good, hopefully injury not severe. 165: Amine back by January 174: Walker getting used to being on stage. 184: Finesilver looking good against most competition, still struggles against the best. 197: This might be a problem. Striggow and Bullock both out with knee injuries, and Yatooma had to withdraw from Vegas this past weekend. That would leave Cummings and Trost as the last options. Stay tuned. HWT: Parris is the man. They brought Jenkins to Vegas to be his workout partner; hopefully he's learning things fast.
  3. He's recovering from elbow surgery, and is actually good right now, but they're holding him out until the beginning of the year.
  4. Oh very well, spanky big dog. Using these and rounding to the nearest whole number all three have them with a total of 4.
  5. Apparently he transferred to Northern Iowa? Or I accidentally pasted in the UNI table. How is this?
  6. I was creeping Michigan's certifications almost on a daily and he was one of the last to certify. I took it as he was battling some form of injury that made it so he couldn't get his weight down enough. As an aside, Myles and Malik have San Marino citizenship through their mother's side I believe? If that is true, then Cam will have to go through his Lebabon roots on his father's side. Dom Abounader is one of the main reasons that the Amine's didn't go that route. I may be wrong on the mother bit.
  7. He has not wrestled yet - is he hurt, laying low, hiding in San Marino or what?
  8. Any of you can create a new thread. Life has been extremely hectic around these parts the last couple of weeks. You don't need to rely on me to create them if you wish to speak about something related to UofM. J/s Like Yatooma getting the nod over Bullock again? Pisses me off to no real end. Let Bullock wrestle the weight and get used to it. Unless it is a real battle between him and Finesilver for 184. In that case male a decision so the other can go 197 pronto.
  9. 125: Mastrogiovanni dec McHenry 3-0 133: Fix dec Ragusin 6-0 141: Cole Mattin dec Carter Young 6-3 149: Victor Voinovich dec Chance Lamer 9-3 157: Will Lewan dec Kaden Gfeller 9-6 165: Cam Amine dec Wyatt Sheets 9-9 174: Dustin Plott dec Joe Walker 12-9 184: Travis Wittlake dec Matt Finesilver 15-9 197: Luke Surber dec Jaden Bullock 18-9 285 Mason Parris fall Konner Doucet 18-15
  10. Wrestlestat has this going to OSU. If you use their lineups from this last weekend it gets worse for Michigan. https://www.wrestlestat.com/compare/dual/40/michigan/57/oklahoma-state
  11. Fck yeah! https://mgoblue.com/news/2022/11/14/wrestling-wolverines-add-bout-at-ballpark-dual-against-oklahoma-state.aspx
  12. Honestly I did not expect Mattin to dominate like that. Also Z.Mattin has the skill and motor to succeed at 165, he just needs more meat.
  13. Just finished the first match. Mattin looked good. Why would McNeil choose down in the third? Did he want to practice getting ridden? FFS! Do they shoot the entire dual through the net?!?
  14. 197: Shaw dec. Bullock 3-2 HWT: Parris pin. Whitman (2:30) 125: Wagner dec. Medley 5-4 133: Ragusin TF Hernandez 20-5 Final dual score: Michigan 23 - North Carolina 12
  15. Bullock match went how I thought at 197. That shows me he is the guy for us there.
  16. Maylor has the strength of an averafe 149lber. He should not ve wrestling 174 in the B1G. Walker beats the version if Lautt that showed up.
  17. So far: 141: C. Mattin dec. McNeil 9-3 149: Lamer dec. Nini 6-3 157: Lewan dec. Bailey 3-2 165: Mazzara dec. Z. Mattin 7-3 174: Lautt dec Taylor 4-1 184: Finesilver dec. Kane 4-0 Michigan up 12-6 over North Carolina.
  18. Meet started at 141. Wins at 141 - 157. Zach Mattin dropped a decision at 165. Maylor starting up against Lautt.
  19. I have UNC winning 125 amd 197 and UofM winning 141, 174, and 184. UNC could absolutely win all of those and is favored at 174 pretty heavily. If Bullock (or Finesilver - both are listed as 184/197 on their official roster) doesn't go at 197 UMC can win via bonus there.
  20. Michigan / North Carolina on a Sunday afternoon sounds great. My first look at the Wolverines. Looking forward to it.
  21. And I will leave you with my thoughts/predictiona: 125 - I think their matches on Friday showed us a lot in what to expect in this match, and I do think McHenry gets the nod again. Wager wins via Decision. UNC 3-0 133 - After Friday I was on the fence as to if it would be Hernandez here today. Honestly I see a very similar result eother way. A decent 5-6 point Decision victory for Ragusin. Tied 3-3 141 - McNeil may come out and take him down a time or two early, but Mattin is a grinder and he gets points late. Mattin via Decision. A 6-4/8-6 type match. UofM 6-3 149 - I am thinking Lamer gets Scott to open up a bit and capitalizes. He did wrestle Hensen tough, but Verk beat him by 5. That is like getting Majored by most. I still think a 3-4 point Decision for Lamer is in order here. UofM 9-3 157 - No O'Conner here and UNC doesn't have anyone elae who can out-Lewan Will Lewan. Lewan via Decision. UofM 12-3 165 - Mattin showed a gear that should earn him spot starts at 165 or 157 down the line. I expect a similar result to Friday, even though I think Mattin wrestles this one better. Mazzara is just better than the Campbell kid. Mazzara via Decision. UofM 12-6 174 - I am calling my shot here. Lautt wrestles matches too close and he isn't going to be able to horse Walker very easily. Add in that Walker is the better athlete and he takes this via Decision in OT. UofM 15-6 184 - Finesilver again shows that if his neutral game has jumped levels in the offseason. Pulls a Major here. UofM 19-6 197 - I am so going to write a letter if we see Yatooma instead of Bullock again. Shaw Majors or Pins Yatooma. Bullock amd Shaw go back and forth with Shaw squeaking out the Decision. UofM 19-9 285 - Parris Pins Whitman. UofM 25-9
  22. This is what Wrestlestat 'projects" with the lineups I am thinking we see: 125 - Kurt McHenry (Michigan) over Jack Wagner (North Carolina) DEC 9 - 8 UofM 3-0 133 - Dylan Ragusin (Michigan) over Joey Melendez (North Carolina) DEC 8 - 4 UofM 6-0 141 - Cole Mattin (Michigan) over Lachlan McNeil (North Carolina) DEC 7 - 6 UofM 9-0 149 - Chance Lamer over Jayden Scott DEC 12 - 5 UofM 12-0 157 - Will Lewan over Sincere Bailey DEC 10 - 3 UofM 15-0 165 - Joey Mazzara over Zack Mattin DEC 9 - 6 UofM 15-3 UofM 13-6 174 -Clay Lautt over Joseph Walker DEC 6 - 5 UofM 15-6 184 - Matt Finesilver (Michigan) over Gavin Kane (North Carolina) DEC 7 - 6 UofM 18-6 197 - Max Shaw (North Carolina) over Jaden Bullock (Michigan) DEC 7 - 6 UofM 18-9 285 - Mason Parris (Michigan) over Brandon Whitman (North Carolina) MD 15 - 4 UofM 22-9
  23. We will obviously see different lineups than this.

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