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  2. TnT: Sorry Mark Perry. We know you are doing amazing things, and you are leading the best WFS room in the country while it is the fastest growing sport in kids athletics. But you gotta go. We know better than you. . . . TnT: We would like to bring in a person who is awaiting standing trial for sexual battery and has multiple allegations of sexual assault, sexual battery, and sexual misconduct.
  3. Cal Poly Humboldt is talking about restarting their program. They dropped it back in the early 90's but it sounds like the have support from the administration and outside donors. It'd be great to have another D2 program west of Colorado
  4. Truth. I remember it as well, I remember tthe Philly station Interviewed a resident named "Jack" outside the compound on the news and it was Cuvo. Who must have been competing there at the time.
  5. What about Moe Lester from the '88 cyclone team?
  6. There is no better wrestling name than that of the 2-time AA HWT from Illinois, Karl Roesler.
  7. Today
  8. My oldest went to Fargo twice… lost one year to suspension from COUSAW and another to the boogie bug… has 2 smaller stop signs AAing in the women’s style and one big one winning Greco… my younger quit all leg grabbing as a freshmen after being a state finalist, but, 4 months after went 17-0 at junior duals wrestling up still a cadet… after a year and a half of absolutely no leg grabbing he didn’t do as well when forced to wrestle the women’s style when a kid didn’t show up… he did convinced to show up for state his sophomore year to fill a hole after blowing out his knee training Greco full time… 8 weeks on the couch then 3 weeks to lose 25+lbs of shit weight for state… took 4th… they were both succesful in all 3 styles coming up as youths… younger placed at Tulsa last 5Xs he went… several times in the finals all at his walk around… older 4X state placer all as a problem child… won preseason or postseason nationals once… they just prefer Greco…
  9. How about we hear from @Husker_Du on the Huskers?
  10. Joey Blaze might be a think at 165. I think Buell holds him off and he redshirts, though.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CsHwuXKRhXg/?igshid=MTc4MmM1YmI2Ng==
  12. Saw Janzer retired (tough break for him) but haven’t seen anything about Kannaird , don’t think I even saw it on the Rutgers forum
  13. from the not too distant past, Brock Mauller (Mizzou) and for simplicity Matt King (Edinboro)
  14. You mentioned Provisor mauling the field up a weight in Freestyle. Accordingly, If your kid being a greco specialist beat Gilman easily in Par Terre "practice" . Gilman who is obviously our World Team Rep. with several medals. Is your son competative in Freestyle? I know he is a monster in Greco.
  15. In front of a DC jury, looking crosseyed is a slam dunk if you’re Trump or a Trump supporter. on the other hand, the FBI will hide evidence of bribery if you’re a Biden. or help you destroy evidence if you’re a clinton.
  16. I'll take a crack at Purdue 125: Matt Ramos 133: Jacob Macatangay 141: Dustin Norris 149: Marcos Polanco 157: Kade Law 165: Stoney Buell 174: James Rowley 184: Joey Milano 197: Hayden Flipovich (or Thomas Penola if he returns) 285: Hayden Copass
  17. There was a kid in TN named Turbo Smith 1 seed and was dismissed from the state tourney his sr year for smoking in the stadium. Then kidnapped a girl and ran from the cops. Wild stuff.
  18. D is not physically addictive either…
  19. Shit. I vividly remember the gut punch I felt that day when the news came on.
  20. My best Jimmy Cinnabon impression. Just thought I would add to the Spencer madness while the forum is in disarray
  21. If this turns out to be true, it's a slam dunk Espionage Act conviction.
  22. The fallout will be the fury of the Freedom Caucus and the dependence of McCarthy for his job on the goodwill of the democrats.
  23. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/america-national-beer-could-soon-124430485.html America’s national beer could soon be Mexican as Memorial Day weekend sales drop plunges Bud Light further into crisis Memorial Day is usually a time for families to fire up the backyard grill, invite the neighbors over, and enjoy the sunshine over hot dogs and hamburgers—and, yes, beer. But when the coolers were cracked open this weekend, fewer and fewer Americans reached for Bud Light. Instead people competed on social media as to who could post their best picture of fully stacked shelves next to signs advertising rebates for every case of Bud Light bought. mspart
  24. OK--getting closer. Any and all analysis is appreciated. Still got 4 lineup breakdowns to go: Purdue Nebraska Indiana Northwestern
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