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  2. I'm not familiar with this. Sounds awesome.
  3. Maybe so, but they do skin checks at weigh-ins.
  4. Do you understand what the event was? Do you understand the evidence against him with respect to that?
  5. I think he is both a symptom and disease. Something was wrong at OSU before the arrived, but he brought in new problems.
  6. I would tend to agree, but it really seems like he has no intention of going for #5.
  7. Ah got ya, correct, I didn’t realize the sterilasing was happening in the middle of the sessions. Then yes I would assume they mopped between sessions
  8. Is there any reason to believe Brands wouldn’t give him the Downey treatment? When you say Ferrari(s) contributing to OSU’s down year, are you mostly referring to AJ not being in the lineup? I guess you could include Mastro(s) (which could have involved other Ferraris), but would they really have added many points?
  9. Yeah ... but you can't spike it into the mat (unless ... 😮) like a headgear or doublet top. 🙂
  10. Looks like he is going to try and raise his stock... he has entered the US Open.
  11. Today
  12. So… if instead Ukraine has invaded Russia for the sole purpose of increasing Ukrainian territory, you would be fine with banning Ukraine to avoid a Russian boycott? Do whatever is necessary to appease Russia to ensure they attend. Sounds principled to me.
  13. This post has it correct. I can get behind a rule that says if you attach another country to take their internationally recognized territory, you can’t compete in the Olympics. Period. Or would you have invited Hitler to an Olympics while he was marching across Europe? Yes there are lots of wars and skirmishes, and it is hard to say which ones are right and justified and which are not. So usually Olympic neutrality makes sense. But disinviting countries that are warring for the sole sake of land stealing seems like a pretty objectively neutral principle we can all get behind. It also puts the pressure where it should be: on Russian and Belorussian athletes against their government, demanding adherence to the international order, not on Ukrainians, by forcing those few Ukrainians who are dead or in active military service to share an “Olympic moment” with their attackers. I do agree it makes sense to create an exception for dissidents. And it should be coupled with an offer of asylum by participating Olympic countries — since we all know publicly disagreeing with the war is a crime in Russia. Can you imagine that visual? Say a half dozen dissidents, all under an Olympic/Russian flag, war opponents all, competing for the pride of the Russian motherland, but most certainly not for its government? That is the stuff that inspires revolutions. It is shameful to see the Tucker Carlson lemmings coming out of the woodwork, parroting his pro-Putin propaganda. Are you going to tell us Zelensky is a Nazi sympathizer and Putin was just trying to stop him from genocide? LOL. This is not that difficult. Russia out, Russian dissidents in.
  14. Yeah, prior to covid, they didn't do anything between matches. So using the sterilaser thing between matches isn't the problem, so long as they are still mopping between sessions. If they are doing a good job of mopping with bleach, then the mats are not the issue. There is not enough time to mop the mats during the session.
  15. Does he have an opportunity to make any more money training for freestyle full time than if he stayed in college? I understand how the threat of leaving could get him a little more NIL money, but he doesn't have a ton of leverage because he may make less money if he leaves. His name will ultimately be worth a lot more in the wrestling world if he has 4 or 5 titles.
  16. I’ll play! I’m going to go with: (1) he was democratically elected, and (2) none. What do I win?
  17. This I imagine he and Brooks could maximize their value in an both or neither package deal.
  18. Seems like more ‘juniors’ and ‘seniors’ are approaching or are in their mid-20’s. Seems like an age for the Olympics. Miss the 2024 one and now into late 20’s. Doable but perhaps past peak? Guessing that perhaps more college wrestlers than usual will make a hard and focused push for the Olympic team as a result. Pure guess. Who? Vito - My money would say that we never see Vito in a Cornell singlet again. He was clear that the Olympics are his goal. NCAA championship was a milestone / check box. Winning a second likely pales in comparison to Olympics in his mind and if it in anyway interferes with freestyle training or causes injury, not worth the risk. Who else?
  19. Of course not (assuming you mean between matches). Mats having been sterilaser "treated" are ready within seconds. Mopping takes minutes to dry and even if quick dry it would still take noticeably longer to be able to get out there. In rereading yours it's not clear you realized they did the once over after every few bouts per mat. They likely mopped AFTER the sessions.
  20. The best feature of the Singlet, my friend, is the ability to pull down the straps after the match and walk around like a jacked up ******* hero! America!
  21. If there was ever an eagle amongst the Nittany Lions, it's Starocci. It's too bad for him that he doesn't really have a weight class. He won't be competitive at 86 and he is too big for same-day weigh-ins for 74 kg. If he really wants to make a serious go of it, he probably needs to spend the next year getting his weight right and competing in freestyle. An Olympic RS would be in order but not sure that is in Cael's plans...
  22. Man that was brutal to read. Hope he’s OK. I saw someone on fb claiming Jon Millner may have had something similar?
  23. Possibly, but if people saw them using the sterilaser, wouldn’t they likely also see them mopping? If you’re going to do both, I would think you’d mop first. So if people saw them sterilasing before the sessions, I guess it’s possible they had already mopped.
  24. But if it barely sold any tickets it’s not going to give much motivation for future wrestling movies to actually make it to theaters (or maybe even for people to make them for that matter). I’m not sure if even Pratt promoted it all that much either. He tweeted about it 2 days prior to his 8 million followers, but that was his only tweet I saw. I’m not even sure Flo mentioned it prior to the week of the opening, but at least they had Helen on and did talk about it. Let’s be honest though. Even many men’s wrestling fans don’t really care about women’s wrestling. Some do of course, but the key demographic the movie was targeting was likely women/girl wrestlers, a relatively small group obviously. So even with better marketing I’m not sure if it would have come close to filing up theaters. I think it could have done better than selling 2 tickets in an entire theater though…
  25. There are headgear, shoes, pads, etc.
  26. You can get on board and be a part of something at least once… or not… it will have little affect either way…
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