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  1. Going from an illegal state to a legal state is always surprising when the smell smacks you in the face walking around. Definitely not a big fan of that especially when you're with kids. I'm all for it being legal, however as someone else stated the public consumption needs to be regulated in some fashion.
  2. This needs discussed On May 16th it was stated Then 2 weeks later
  3. Word on the street is we need to boycott chicken sandwiches, but this time directed from the right. https://thehill.com/homenews/4026001-chick-fil-a-dei-hire-sparks-calls-for-boycott/ No beer or chicken sandwiches, these people are going to be starving soon.
  4. Much like Facebook, they don't care about that petty stuff.
  5. Twitter is more than software, way more than that. The more complicated tasks are server related. The software is the easy part.
  6. Short term memory vs. long term memory
  7. Remember the big controversy of Nike using Colin Kaepernick as a spokesperson and all the backlash they got there? For some reason Nike has survived and most everyone has forgotten about it. Bud Light and now Target are then newest flavor of the weeks. The difference with Bud Light and Nike is that Bud Light is something that is consumed weekly, well daily for some. Thus if a chunk of people quit drinking for a few weeks it affects them dramatically in the short term. Beer drinkers aren't akin to change and thus will be back on the Bud Light sooner than they want to admit. You can't be calling Miller Lite and Coors piss water your whole life and start drinking it. Target is in the middle where it's likely a bi-weekly adventure to the store. Bud Light will be fine and in a month there will be another travesty hitting us with a brand supporting something the right hates.
  8. Maybe you follow a completely different religion or basis of religion, but yes my prayers would be for everyone on the team to compete to the highest of their abilities and have good health. That would be whether I am on the team or not. You seem to be the type that would pray for a nuclear attack at the US Open so all your competition is wiped out and you can make the world team. Maybe you are that dense, but I certainly hope you realize how ridiculous your statement was and how ridiculous it is to keep doubling down on it. I am not your religious leader, but hopefully yours would say want your prayers to be more towards goodwill and kindness instead of wishing harm unto others, but that's just me. You do you as I can't wait for you to continue to double down on your asinine statements. As stated above it is for national team training camps and overseas trips that USAW pays for fully or partially. Being on the national team is more of getting you some added training and competing opportunities. However, these days with RTCs it isn't much of an incentive. Hence why in the past there have been some true 3rd at Final X that are not wrestled.
  9. So in your opinion Fix's nightly prayers should be for strength, healing, clarity with tough decisions, for Vito to break his leg, and Nahshon to break his arm. Sounds reasonable I guess.
  10. I had a little more confidence as it would be hard for a National Governing Body to justify having different pay structures based on the style or gender. Now if you're someone independent like Flo who pays competitors for events they can do what they want.
  11. Wrestling for a spot on the World Team vs. a true 3rd for $4000 when you aren't 100% isn't comparable. You'll see a few of these matches not happen due to the athlete's being banged up and the associated costs of getting to the event to win $4200 for the year.
  12. It appears that the USAW stipends are the same no matter the style. From https://content.themat.com/forms/USA_Wrestling_National_Teams_Agreement.pdf
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