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  1. tampa is easy to fly into.. fly into clearwater/st pete
  2. there is no SUPER LIKE button.. but it needs one for this response
  3. worst or best. i would say brooks interview generated more interactions on a wrestling athlete than any other interview in history any pub is good pub?
  4. I dont see any problem with the way FS does it. I like FS. we dont need to make it folk. just like we dont need to make folk FS
  5. you have to let go of the hold.. hence you see spencer lee showing the ref his hands a lot..when working his tilts
  6. brands might be referring to gable's philosophy of peaking.. it's not about peaking you dont have the valleys i will have to do some looking for the graph
  7. i actually was going to type up something like this... and ran out of time.. then forgot about it maybe we push freeco back a few months... so its not right after NCAA's... this wont always work b/c of UWW schedule... if we move NCAA to only spring, this will make a bigger problem i think but I could attend a summer event after a spring event... just not really two spring events, b/c time, work and money
  8. i think its still exciting.. b/c in folk, the people rooting for the bottom guy are hoping he gets out. its not that easy to ride out...
  9. thats a possibility for sure... is brooks not as good as valencia? yes valencia has no lungs... but brooks really didn't do much until the 2nd im not sure about the others
  10. so you are saying b/c it might be easier to score more guys are taking the risk and shooting? this could be true... i still would like to see some data there were lots of come from behind wins... but most times i attribute that to the guy who was behind finally started to wrestle
  11. what if we treated the rtc's like a pro team with a salary cap... and they competed in duals... i know its been tried before... but those weren't affiliated with a school
  12. again, i apologize... i thought you were referring to my post. yes i agree, the pics he posted weren't representative
  13. i dont disagree really but we all KNOW , that stalling isn't going to get called to decide a match... at least not very often
  14. yes, im sorry. I was unclear about my intentions. I am referring to people who want the pushout in folkstyle. I dont think it has really increased action. it has increased scoring... but it has also changed wrestling technique and not for the better
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