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  1. Saw Janzer retired (tough break for him) but haven’t seen anything about Kannaird , don’t think I even saw it on the Rutgers forum
  2. I didn’t realize he committed to Lehigh , he also almost got majored by Cornell recruit Simon Ruiz last year (10-3) who was in hs still , might have to be Kannard
  3. Idk about Gayer , he was absolutely smashed by any top competition he faced and lost to a high schooler last season …maybe they can bring in Hunter Mays from rider , was a pretty good prospect with 3 years left
  4. I’d change a few with NJ 125- with Glory gone you got to go with Eddie Ventresca AA last year or Dean Peterson R12 133- Chris Cannon is 2x AA 141- it’s either CJ composto AA as a true freshman or Alvarez who oliveri couldn’t beat out for a spot 157- is surprisingly possibly Andrew Clark who finished strong , beat paddy Gallagher a few times or maybe Quinn Kinner who may be moving up for his final year 174- Chris Foca, he beat Mekhi in the 3/4 match at ncaas
  5. Zero chance at AAing at 125? Wanna wager on that?
  6. That’s a risk a lot of guys take transferring in to Penn State
  7. Howard is gonna place top 4 this season, remember this post come march …and not really injury prone he kept putting off the shoulder surgery, it was really the same issue , same unhealed shoulder for 3 straight years (that’s now surgically repaired)
  8. I don’t think DeAugustino has ever been title contender at any point in his career Rs year- 8-8 against D1 competition Freshaman- 19-8 against D1- no tournament 1st sophomore - 8-5 against D1 - R12 2nd Sophomore- 15-6 against D1 - 4th Junior yr- 9-9 against d1 - 1-2 DNP Resume doesnt scream title contender
  9. Howard was a barely 18 yr old true freshman in 2021 , Ayala was a 19 year old true freshman in 2022 , they are literally the same age , both wrestled one season and Howard beat multiple guys that year that Ayala lost too , Howard will be 21 this season , which means if he even uses his 4 years he ll still be 2-3 younger when he graduates than Kemmerer , Marinelli , Eierman
  10. I agree with this completely,I’m not hating on Ayala .I think he’s a pretty sure bet to be at worst R12 and maybe can place as high as 4th but title contender talk is a little much, he’s never beat anyone at the contender level so hard to call him one moving forward
  11. Yea he had one loss last year but he only wrestled 2 division 1 starters , Lee and Berginc..idk just seeing a lot of Ayala is a contender posts for a guy who went 0-2 in his only ncaas , can’t seem to think of any other guys hyped as much with no real track record If we re comparing resumes robert Howard is better on paper , he went 2-2 and made the R16 in his only season as a starter , beat Heislman and Gutierrez, also beat Ragusin , (all with one arm basically) but not a soul is calling him a title contender right now
  12. This whole Ayala is a contender thing confuses me , I know the weight is more open than others but this guys best D 1 win last year was 5-2 over Ethan Berginc and he got rocked by spencer , the year before he lost to McKee 4x (who didn’t AA last year ) , Barnett (didn’t AA last year) , Camacho , Gutierrez, Heisleman (3 guys who never AAed )..a 1 point with over D’Augustino is his best career W.. so where does all this contender talk come from
  13. Normally I might agree but I’m arguably the biggest WVU fan on this board and still would say Nolf
  14. He’s ranked like 5th in the world right now at 74kg lol he’s stuck behind a multi world champ who ages backwards
  15. Idk how pat smith fits into it but Greg Jones and Ed Ruth are the 2 that I considered when making this statement , but decided on Nolf bc his 2 loses were freshman year to a 2xer, Jones didn’t even AA as a sophomore and Ruth lost his sr year and then won a close rematch with dean at ncaas
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