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  1. Including a 12-2 DRUBBING over Hopke.
  2. Absolutely. Kid was tough as nails. I hope he does well. He looks like he could get a bit bigger and lean out.
  3. Also, Riddle wrestled Barr super tough. Any info on him?
  4. Thar 86 KG semi-finals was so disappointing on so many levels. They should both deserve the loss. 1-1 with both being shot clock? I don't want either to represent the USA.
  5. I think a lot of the current state is. That said, Franek seems to be cut from a different cloth. I would like to see him at Mizzou.
  6. Askren needs to throw around that AWA moneys more.
  7. I believe he has graduated. Otherwise, thank you for your input - it is s good take. I look forward to seeing him compete this hear, if he does.
  8. Well I humbly disagree with both of you. Feldman has destroyed college AA contenders. Carroll has not.
  9. How about we hear from @Husker_Du on the Huskers?
  10. Joey Blaze might be a think at 165. I think Buell holds him off and he redshirts, though.
  11. I don't see how what you are saying is any different than what I am saying. I never said Ornerydwarf = Doucet. Think of it like this... Feldman Carroll ----------- = ------- Ornerydwarf Doucet Where Ornerydwarf > Doucet and Feldman > Carroll are both also true.
  12. Well there is a reason he is on football scholarship. Even if someone plays two or three sports, if football is one of them it must be the scholarship sport. I could see it the other way... Cassioppi gets hurt and Iowa decides to use him and go for a medical for Cassioppi and let him redshirt the following season. I don't think he does much this year if he wrestles though, much like Carroll (SO REDSHIRT BOTH OF THEM).
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