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  1. No shit. I don't disagree with you. But maybe watch more closely, and you'll see the same type of juvenile crap from people regardless of their political stance. Not just the posters you are accustomed to disagreeing with. The ones you tend to agree with, too. There is bias.
  2. The reality is that just about any ***duck duck goose** thing is readily available on the internet. Doesn't matter how twisted or perverted - it's all out there. It's not about denying that it's available (since, literally, everything is.) Simply put - I don't understand why someone would have to be viewing that garbage in order to be considered informed. ... or worse. That if we aren't viewing that garbage, that somehow, we are uninformed and aren't entitled to an opinion? Nope, that's not right.
  3. I'll assist you: GOP types get caught with kiddie porn - these folks aren't good. But that doesn't make the entire GOP community bad. Trans types get caught being overtly sexual to kids - these folks aren't good. But that doesn't make the entire trans community bad.
  4. If you have to follow Twitter to be "informed" on a subject - ummm. That's kind of a crazy bar for validation. Since, let's be honest, Twitter is mostly garbage on top of garbage. Weird that anyone would think they'd find anything BUT garbage there. Much less that those that don't follow Twitter are uninformed.
  5. I'm referring primarily to the 'outrage' part there. Folks on this BBS do participate in active discussion, but don't seem terribly outraged most of the time. I can and do appreciate that.
  6. Good post. Hard to define who these "people" are. Mostly a mix of young people who don't know better and aren't even trying. Which, unfortunately, is certainly nothing new.
  7. Flo has always been less than adequate, and they keep finding a way to do less. Twitter has always been top notch... until Musk took over and started slashing everything in order to increase profits. HIS profits. It's beyond me why so many people admire that turd - Musk is only about himself. He's not even close to being worthy of admiration. Hyundai and LG announced plans to build a 4.3-billion-dollar battery plant in the US... while Musk has recently announced that he's building his in China.
  8. I care so little about this convo, no associated goal. Which is good - because nothing is being accomplished. More curious about where you think you are going with it. Which I've already made clear. Careful here - you seem to be crossing that line from weird but not dumb - to weird and dumb. There's no conspiracy theory around this corner. Maybe check the next one.
  9. Do either of us "accomplish" anything here? C'mon sport - you're a weirdo, but not a dumb one.
  10. Shhhh.. quiet down. I'm reading a book on hugging and tenacity. Getting to the good part.
  11. Maybe check with Ukrainians on that 'categorically false' tidbit - it most definitely isn't the "safest time that has ever existed on this planet" for them. Wait, where's the GIF? Slowing down in your old age? C'mon Blackbird, you can do it.
  12. ...or maybe the most dangerous time that has ever existed. Depends on your perspective. Yah, yah, I know - I'm "adorable"... you should post a GIF.
  13. Not always. As I posted - there was a time when guns weren't readily available to everyone. That was the point of my post. Maybe read it again. When guns became readily available to anyone - the lawless were able to obtain them. And the scenario changed. And it hasn't changed much since then. (Again, that was in my 1st post.) There's no hidden message here about passing laws that take away guns. The original message was simple and clear. And you're right, the lawless do love gun laws - now that they are able to obtain them easily.
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