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  1. Dan gable way too high. No eutake? I'd have him at #2 with dake, stieber, yianni and pat Smith behind him.
  2. I'm well aware it's fake lol but it seemed right in line with the rest of the shit posting in this thread tbh
  3. Is it okay if I just post pics?
  4. I don't think Spencer Lee could place top 4 at 133.
  5. Watching the feed live my wife and I both commented on how many fans were in attendance. Those pictures are of the worst seats by the closed off section. Why post this?
  6. Would Lee have been able to last 6 minutes vs suriano last night?
  7. Yes, he did say this. Here's a link to it: https://www.facebook.com/reel/195772416578763?mibextid=9drbnH&s=yWDuG2&fs=e
  8. He only wanted to wrestle weaker competition.
  9. I honestly feel like Lee doesn't deserve to share a hodge trophy with steveson considering
  10. I already brought up his freestyle wins over Taylor and dake while he was in college. Lee has nothing close to that to brag about.
  11. Times placing 6th at ncaas lee: 1 cox: zero. Not playing hypotheticals on the "covid year". Excuses are for wusses and Lee lost because Ramos was the better wrestler (his words)
  12. Quality of competition matters. Jden was an Olympic and world medalist before he graduated college without taking a redshirt season. He had wins over the likes of David Taylor and Kyle dake in this same time. Who is Lee's best win? Thomasello or suriano? Both good but nowhere near the levels of dake or Taylor and thomasello traded matches with Lee. Lee is great, but not an all timer. Even his placement record is below cox and the others mentioned. Bonusing his way through the Iowa jv open in 4 minutes mostly means nothing.
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