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  1. Something happen with Gomez? Last I saw he was still disappointed, but planning on using his final year and hoped to get a medical(I don't know how that's possible, but...whatever). But he was definitely planning on being back. He announce he's taking a OLY RS? I've been on vacation and otherwise occupied the last few weeks.
  2. I don't see how that's him saying he doesn't like the spotlight...especially juxtaposed against him talking about how much he loves that when he wrestles at CHA or the NCAAs everyone stays in their seats and he's wrestling in front of 16-18K people. I think he laughed about that talking about how after he TECHED Glory 18-3 people were talking about how well GLORY Wrestled despite him winning 18-3. So I don't know why you think he's talking about either. I think he's talking...-and mostly joking, about the expectations people have for him vs others.
  3. I have no idea. I'm not entirely sure what difference that makes? I know he DID say that he loved Wrestling at CHA because every single person in the arena is there to watch him and he's also talked about how he loves Wrestling in the Finals on the biggest stage. He's also done on huge podcasts and did something with Caitlyn Clark about two goats. I don't know if he said he likes the spotlight or not, but I'm not sure what difference that makes? The Dad said he wasn't physically ready to compete. He tried to push it. Seems obvious what he's talking about...
  4. "Spills?" Doesn't that generally refer to gossip and something with negative connotations? He said he changed the culture, they focused more on Wrestling and then talked about some things they did at practice...
  5. Everything I've said(in case it's not obvious) comes from just watching him from afar, so I don't know. I'm ASSUMING he's healthy because...he should be by now. Maybe he needs a clean-up. That's hardly rare after partially tearing it, then partially tearing it and rehabbing it, building the muscles around it and then finally having reconstructive surgery on both, but with the assumption he's fully healthy, I think he's got a very good chance. But I really hope he can get back into Wrestling shape. It's actually kinda wild what he HAS accomplished when you consider he's really only got 2-3 minutes worth full Wrestling...and he still was in the Semi's and should have won and then MFFed out of the Semis at the open.
  6. Sure...but I know a couple of the guys headed there aren't getting much. They just went there because they view it as their best chance to reach their ultimate goals. Messenbrink's old man is also doing alright having co-founded AWA, so they probably figure they'll figure it out and if he has the success many believe, it'll help him. Doesn't help the gap in the sport though that you're getting guys of THAT caliber who are choosing to bear a MUCH larger financial burden because they just want to be part of the program. Also feels like he could have gone to Mizzou, had a world class workout partner and made things a little more interesting, but kid made the decision that's best for him(obviously).
  7. He is a BEAST. I hope the "neck/back" surgeries are...well, as "minor" as they can be. I've injured EVERYTHING...but my Neck and Back and am so grateful. It sounds absolutely brutal. I TWEAKED a muscle in my back once and shuffled around like a dog that needed to get put down. Glad to hear he's a full go in the room and I hope he can live up to the huge expectations of him, but I really hope he doesn't have any further injury. That has to just ruin your quality of life.
  8. I get what you're saying, there was more pressure on him at Penn State...and he probably wouldn't have been healthier. When I think of Iowa end of the season over PSU, Iowa guys just...as of late, look more beat up, more run down and the PSU guys look fresher. That's all. But I also don't buy the pressure from Iowa Wrestling. I don't think you get to be as great as Spencer Lee without that pressure coming from Within. As for the Dad giving interviews for him...remember how much shit he got for NOT having anyone explain why he wasn't Wrestling? Well, this time HIS DAD came forward and told you! It wasn't some vague statement made by the University, it was from the person closest to him(or one of the two presumably). Kid can't win!
  9. But...to be clear, you win the Olympics, you win a WC, I don't REALLY care how you got it done. Especially when you've done it 4 times as Snyder has with 3 Silvers...again, to the man who will go down IMO as the greatest Wrestler ever. Hard to see Snyder beating him given just how insanely athletic he is and how he can scramble(see him vs the Bulgarian who made the mistake of getting in on a shot vs him). I'm just saying IF he were able to, I'd consider that win to be a MAJOR one, give him his 5th WC/OLY Title and you could then very easily argue he's the best...
  10. Snyder was leading nearly the entire match and he was Wrestling a 3X Olympic Medalists, former WC. And the only point he gave up was on the shot clock. VERY-VERY few people "dominate" at the Olympics. Which is why I thought it was worth pointing out when Gable actually did(along with the World Championships). That's...amazing. The scores of his matches were...incredible. Nobody could touch him, nobody scored on him. LOL...I just found this. Damn Larry kept Dan from being perfect again;
  11. Wrestling is a sport that's SO mental. On top of that, he's so CLEARLY not in shape to go with a guy like Suriano for 6 minutes...I get it. Give him some time NOW that his knees are recovered, let him get that gas tank back up, get his cryo therapy in, all that good stuff...and THEN lets just see what he's got. We're not going to know where Lee is until that happens. And neither will he. I do think he's at the point now where people are underestimating him or making extra excuses for his knees. We know what he went through. Two ACLs is BRUTAL...or I imagine, when I had mine, it was one, then the other and I could still do a LOT of shit to keep my other leg strong. TBH, I think it helped me the first time. I'd do stairs hopping and felt I came back must stronger. Bot BOTH at once? You're just sitting...waiting. Maybe you can do the hand bicycle thing or you can swim, the bike and use just arms. IDK, none of those would I have been able to do regularly to maintain my Cardio, though some can. ANYWAY---He's physically healed. Now he's got to get physically stronger. And as long as Vito doesn't go down to 57KG, I think he's got as good a chance as any to make the team NEXT year if he just works on his gas tank.
  12. I thought that was a kinda clever way of saying half-assed without using naughty words!
  13. Hmmm...nope! I'm SURE he'd make it through USADA's testing though!
  14. LOL...you guys realize there was this other guy named Gable who wrestled, right? Pretty big deal actually. In fact...such a big deal, if you were a Wrestling fan, you may name a kid after him! Stevenson didn't win a WC and didn't dominate both. DAN Gable however...he did and he trained his ass off.
  15. The D1s are MUCH more discussed than the Open and there's a difference between a MFF on the frontside vs the backside... People talking about the all-time greats, they talk about College placements and then World/Olympic Medals. Not "he went 5/1/1/1 at the Open." It's really not even comparable. Starocci. And it's the second time in a few months. If Starocci losses next year in the Semi's in KC and doesn't Wrestleback...and NOBODY has anything to say, then come back and I'll agree that it's similar and unfair.
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