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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CsHwuXKRhXg/?igshid=MTc4MmM1YmI2Ng==
  2. I'll take a crack at Purdue 125: Matt Ramos 133: Jacob Macatangay 141: Dustin Norris 149: Marcos Polanco 157: Kade Law 165: Stoney Buell 174: James Rowley 184: Joey Milano 197: Hayden Flipovich (or Thomas Penola if he returns) 285: Hayden Copass
  3. Tom Deck, Army West Point I had a high school teammate whose real name was Matt Burns
  4. I view the difference in Carroll and Feldman to be negligible. Pretty close to even. I view Orndorff, an all american, as being a level above Doucet
  5. Looks like he will be redshirting. Some word around that he had an injury at the end of the season and will use this next year to recover and regain strength
  6. This was my guess but you could also see Connor O'Neill replace Gayer at 65
  7. They both individually announced they are done
  8. Kanniard and Janzer have both retired from college wrestling apparently
  9. Mays has transferred to Lehigh but that would have been a good fit. I agree Gayer wasn't great last year, with the low point being pinned by an NAIA guy in the first period. O'Neill may well be the guy but I was trying to be optimistic/contrarian
  10. No clue - I keep checking for updates but so fair no rumblings at all on Pentz or Franek. I did read over on the Bison forum that there was rumor of Caliendo having a firm NIL offer from Minnesota
  11. Maybe he even reused the same college essay: why he is the perfect fit for UNC.
  12. Welcome to the gaggle, Alex. Looking forward to flying together
  13. Cuvo was a pretty good instructor when I went to one of his camps. I think it was at Allentown Central Catholic. I distinctly remember him hitting on one of the other campers mothers lol
  14. 125: Dean Peterson 133: Dylan Shawver 141: Mitch Moore / Olivieri RS 149: Jacob Butler 157: Tony White / Clark RS 165: Luke Gayer 174: Jackson Turley 184: Brian Soldano 197: Jon Poznanski 285: Yaraslau Slavikouski
  15. They are overloaded with talent and will need to utilize unconventional redshirts to make it all work All after the talk was that John was done and the program may be looking to rebuild.
  16. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/26754 great summary by our host website here - intermat
  17. weird it seems like Dom LaJoie is now headed to Stanford after initial reports indicated that he would spend his last year of eligibility as a Chippewa. His younger brother is at Stanford as well
  18. Yeah I probably shouldn't have even shared his tweet to be honest
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