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  1. I prefer to wait for indictments as that demonstrates real evidence, but I can't picture Trump not waving documents around and claiming to be in possession of magnificent secrets. Smart secrets. The best secrets!
  2. As I live in a stoner state, I can say we need some changes. 1) Too much public consumption. 2) No definitive way to determine DUI. Lots of people smoke while driving. 3) Employment based drug screening.
  3. Don't have a dog in this fight as I now live a stoner state and I don't personally use, but midterms -2026- will be the tipping point.
  4. It is only the geriatrics and far right nut jobs who won't give it a rest. The far right nut jobs aren't going anywhere, but the geriatrics won't last much longer.
  5. It makes no sense that charges were dropped. Rather than swallow Facebook news whole, a fair minded person would find out why charges were dropped.
  6. Fair-minded person would find out why he wasn't he prosecuted before his 50th post on the subject.
  7. Pretty good mix. Some were good enough athletes to succeed in other sports as well. United States of America (USA) Date Place Name Weight Rank 2007-09-17 Baku Betterman, Joseph Samuel 60.0 33. 2007-09-17 Baku Byers, Dremiel D. 120.0 3. 2007-09-17 Baku Dantzler, Thomas Curtis 74.0 22. 2007-09-17 Baku Durlacher, Lindsey 55.0 5. 2007-09-17 Baku Lester, Justin Harry 66.0 3. 2007-09-17 Baku Ruiz, Justin 96.0 13. 2007-09-17 Baku Vering, Bradley 84.0 2. 2006-09-25 Guangzhou Byers, Dremiel D. 120.0 9. 2006-09-25 Guangzhou Clark, Jake 84.0 12. 2006-09-25 Guangzhou Dantzler, Thomas Curtis 74.0 5. 2006-09-25 Guangzhou Durlacher, Lindsey 55.0 3. 2006-09-25 Guangzhou Lester, Justin Harry 66.0 3. 2006-09-25 Guangzhou Ruiz, Justin 96.0 12. 2006-09-25 Guangzhou Warren, Joseph 60.0 1.
  8. Saw that one live. Obviously non-exhaustive list as there aren't enough pixels in the universe to display them all. 4 was "Own Shadow"
  9. Is it cultural appropriation for a man to dress like a woman? Seems to be a lot of snowflakes scared to death of that lately.
  10. Sentences fit their crimes. 18 & 12 years. Gave their life for the Cheeto. https://www.foxnews.com/us/second-oath-keeper-sentenced-years-prison-jan-capitol-riot
  11. Are you in the camp that this boycott is about something other than bigotry?
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