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  1. i really don't care about weed smoking and its laws. same as alcohol. but, generally speaking, i dont think it's a net positive for society. just my 2 cents.
  2. you do know that it's possible to be gay and also against the exploitation of minors, right? there's an entire gay movement against groomers. which is awesome. i have no idea what the author of that tweet is suggesting, nor what your impetus is for sharing it. are you saying if you're gay you have to be FOR sexualizing children?
  3. no shit. that's precisely my point. try telling this to other posters on here. i say 'there's vids trans functions sexualizing children' and the response is 1) yeah i don't see them or 2) yeah but what about.... it's juvenile
  4. they were not/are not believed to be true 'whole cloth' by the right. i'm noticing a pattern wherein you take kooks on the right and act as if 'that's the entire right'. i.e. trump bucks. would you say the number of people that believe in pizzagate are more or less than those on the left that can define what a woman is?
  5. Me: There are a lot of videos of adults sexualizing children Him: Where. You must search them out. Me: They are all over twitter. simply saying 'i don't see them' is not an excuse. and that i see them on twitter (among other places) does not invalidate that they exist. you fucking nut bags jump through a lot of hoops to deny what's readily available and evident to most. and if you don't see them, then don't fucking talk out of your ass. it's like arguing with 3rd graders. only the intentionally obtuse part is b/c you're irrationally tied to a social movement.
  6. so, if GOP types get caught with kiddie porn, then that means that there aren't tons of vids of trans people being overtly sexual to kids? im failing to see a point and instead see deflection.
  7. so, in other words, you're uninformed on the subject?
  8. it's called Twitter. if you're on it, you've seen drag story hour vids. don't lie.
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