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  1. A lot of speculation/rumors that the teams that are recruiting Caliendo are OU, Minnesota, and Iowa. Any rumors/speculation on what teams are after Franek?
  2. De Anthony Parker to OU! I wonder if Franek and Caliendo will follow?
  3. Noah Pettigrew to Northern Colorado! A great prospect and excited for what’s to come! I was shocked when he left UNC, he left UNC to go to another UNC lol
  4. Owen Pentz in the portal. Crazy, Franek, Caliendo, Parker, and now Owen Pentz all in the portal. Do you think they all follow Kish to OU? I know the HWT already did, I’m curious on the other studs out of NDSU.
  5. It would benefit OKie St for Jordan Williams / Cutter Sheets to bulk up to 157
  6. Tagen Jamison to Okie State 🤠 Somoneons is going to ride the bench, they have Cael Hughes at 133 after fix. At 141-149 they have Carter Young (2 years left with a redshirt), Sammy Alveraz (2 years left), Tagen Jamison (4 years left), and Jordan Williams (4 years left). A good problem to have but Simone good will be definitely sitting on the bench.
  7. Adam Busiello to Northern Colorado! I honestly thought he was done with wrestling; but he probably was in a lower division of wrestling. Excited to see what he does at UNC! I wonder where he may fit with Baylor Fernandez and Vinny Zerban occupying 157/165. I guess he’s projected at 149?
  8. Jett Strickenberger to WVU! A sneaky great pickup! NJCAA champion
  9. Does anyone know if Kendall Coleman will use his Extra Covid Year? That would be huge if he came back for 1 more year! That would make a great team!
  10. I know he had surgery last year, so maybe he may not come back? We will see but if he does he is definitely set to AA
  11. Yeah, he should honestly AA next year. There has been a lot of great wrestlers graduating this year but Trent and Brooks are moving up 👀
  12. I believe Thomas Penola is coming back? He was injured last year.
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