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A pair of controversial decisions

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Both had huge impacts, and both were unrelated to live wrestling, but rather end of match procedures.  In MI dual tourney, winner of final bout clinches 1 point win and underhand tosses headgear to team bench area.  Despite specifics of the rule book and case book NOT penalizing this action, it was 1 pt, resulting in victory for other team.  In CT class championship, pin in finals at 195 (2 bouts remained, not impacting top teams) clinches win by 1/2 point, but in the celebration, teammate comes onto mat inside ropes with straps down.  Official clearly approaches table and deducts 1 pt, giving the other team a win by 1/2 point.  On-site appeal can't overturn, since rule as written was followed. Obviously disheartening losses in both cases, but while first case seems to not survive an appeal if done in a timely manner (and ruled on by a 3rd party with knowledge of situation), the 2nd one is harder to overturn, but most seem to think that it would not have been called in that situation by the majority of officials.  Links to each story https://www.record-eagle.com/sports/james-cook-kingsley-wrestling-gets-raw-deal-at-regionals/article_5f50b17c-ae4d-11ed-b9ad-ab24f832fd90.html  and https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/gametimect/wrestling/article/rham-ciac-penalty-17796431.php

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