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Aden Valencia not competing at the 2023 CA State tournament?

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1 hour ago, BigRedFan said:

Didn't make weight. 

Thanks for the response.  I hadn't seen that mentioned anywhere.  I figured he must have gotten injured or was sick, etc.

I know he qualified at 132 lbs but I checked 126, 132 and 138 looking to see if he was entered.

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I am now reading where it is alleged that the scale was not accurate and the first time he tried to weigh in it had him 1 lb over and then the 2nd attempt (he claims) was dead on 132.  And now the Valencia's are - apparently - going to sue over this:



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full disclosure...


joel and aden both have been nothing but respectful to me and mine...

i have a ton of respect for what they have done as a family... 

everyone is 'bout it 'bout it in that crew and i respect little more than that...


but, wow...


just wow...

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4 hours ago, LJB said:

just heard a number based on future NIL earnings...




Can't see an unproven wrestler getting 7 million in NIL earnings. What's the upside for the people donating for NIL appearances etc. Face it folks, this ain't football and/or basketball. Not that many people pay attention to wrestling. 

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On 2/27/2023 at 8:56 AM, LJB said:

i listened to the 2 minute convo FRL had about it and they said 8 kids missed...

that feels excessive...

I am having trouble figuring out who the kids were that missed weight.  There are no alternates at the state tournament.  If you look at the brackets each weight should have 8 pig tail matches.  All weights except 132 lbs have eight pig tail matches.  If you go through all the pig tail matches and all the first round matches there should be 8 total matches that didn't happen because 8 kids missed weight.  All the weights except 132 started with 40 names in the brackets.  There were five first round matches that resulted in a forfeit (106, 145, 152, 170, and 285).  Is Mineo saying that the kids who forfeited those matches were the ones that missed weight?  If so, it would have been interesting to see the heavyweight who missed weight.


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Could it be that these 8 total kids that missed weight are over the entirety of the tournament?  You'd think if more missed weight on day 1 with Valencia, more would be being vocal about the issue.

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I couldn’t find 8 forfeits in the brackets. I wasn’t looking that hard but I did peruse the R64 and R32 briefly looking for confirmation of 8.

Edit: I count 8 first round matches in 13/14 weights. The only weight where there wasn’t a first round match was Valencia’s weight.

Don't work here no more ... either. 

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On 2/25/2023 at 6:29 AM, NearFall said:

Anyone know why Aden Valencia is not competing at the 2023 CA State tournament?   I know he qualified.   But he's not listed among the entrants at 126 lbs (or 132 or 138.

don't tell me there's *another* Valencia brother? is this Zahid and Anthony's bro?

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Not too sure about that... here's a link to a 2/15/17 The State Press article about Zahid: ASU's only undefeated wrestler Zahid Valencia talks childhood, family and aspirations - The Arizona State Press

 Further down in the article, it mentions about Zahid's brothers...

Zahid, 19, is the second oldest of four siblings: Anthony, 20, Cael, 14, and Itzel, 12. His father Ruben has been training he and Anthony all the way through high school and eventually let them head off to college — an emotional but proud moment for them, Zahid said. Anthony and Zahid are currently redshirt freshman at ASU.

No mention of Aden, so make of you will of that.

Cousin? Any relation at all?

Do not know at this time.


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Posted (edited)

There’s lots of valencia’s in California, most of them are orange.


Was it said that eight missed weight, or that the scale showed they weighed more than another scale showed?

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